Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Err... excuse me, how many days did we have in September?

Got this mail on renewal of my credit card:

Dear Citibank Cardmember,

Your renewed Card ending XXXX has been despatched to you.

In case you do not receive the same by 31-SEP-06 request you to please mail us at indiaservice@citicorp.com or call us at your nearest CitiPhone location.

Also, notice another (grammatical) shoddiness in the sentence above! Somehow it's a bit hard to swallow such blunders originating from highly professional organisations, in this particular case, it being a corporate giant like Citibank itself!! Or have we Indians (the infamous call-centre employees, i.e.) become complacent after being bestowed the title of English Grammar Pundits?
Oh and btw... can anyone now tell me now, how much profit does Citigroup make, in a single day? ;-)


Blogger Jeet said...

:) bahut sahi hai ji yeh to..

12:37 AM  

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