Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Us and Them

"Us and Them...
And after all, we're only ordinary men"

Wordweb defines "ordinary" as :
Not exceptional in any way especially in quality or ability or size or degree.

It was a few evenings before, when the biggest irony in this mesmerizingly mellifluous song struck me all of a sudden.... certainly, the genius of these four gentlemen: Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason & Rick Wright, i.e., can render even the word 'extraordinary' mild! And they sing "And after all... we're only ordinary men!" Man o man!!!

A related story - We were watching some episodes of VH1 - Legends, a story about how Pink Floyd came into existance, how did they evolve after the initial setbacks and so on... As (almost) expected, the focus throughout was on The Piper, Syd Barrett. At one juncture, Waters remarked something like "As the influence of drugs on Syd kept growing, his associations that were already strange and wierd began to become bizzare, resulting in those psychedelicly beyond-imagination lyrics".
All I could lend to this comment was a very deep sigh... when someone of the stature of Waters says that he found the lyrics "bizarre", then I think you aren't left with much alternatives but to just dole out such deeply-wonderstruck-sighs! :-)

Oh and something on the fun side... the same day... uh night, rather, we finally *managed* to get our first warning from our neighbours for the high pitch of music being played! :-D (Jeet, are you reading? :-P) I truthfully confess that it wasn't exactly unwarranted, given that at 0015 hours in the morning, we were playing the distortingly bizzare music of "Echoes"... But then, we were all fired and inspired up by these episodes. And so... to hell with those warnings! :-D


Blogger Jeet said...

Dusht logon.. mein vapas aake yeh saare episodes dekhoonga.. lekin music ka volume kam rakhke :))

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