Thursday, June 09, 2005


Why does Pune suck so badly, despite so many good things?

A few weeks before, I went to the RTO (Regional Transport Office) to have a new driving license made, since my previous license was on the verge of expiry. I'd just entered the area and was making enquiries with the gatekeeper, when a few touts gheraoed me and started offering help.... in marathi! But that was merely the first nail in the coffin. Around 2 hours later, armed with signed & stamped documents, in which more than 3/4th of the stuff was written in (yeah, you guessed it right - marathi!) - I entered the office to get a receipt for the test. To my growing resentment, I found that all the traffic signboard explanations, notices, instructions were again in the ghati lingo! X-( Another hour of wait, and I heard my name announced - and told that my seat no. was "daah" (fortunately, knew that this was 10 and not 2).
But now, to my utter consternation, the instructions for the exams were too delivered in marathi! This was the height, but to take on the system at that point of time would've been futile, because all it would've done would be jeopardising the process of license making. My knowledge of Hindi and a general logic did save my day (got 8/10, but deserved 9), but I was really confounded why this has never been challenged?
This one issue makes me despise this "ghat-land" so much. Everyone, right from autowallahs to someone seeking directions, takes you to be a by-default-pundit on marathi.
Anyhow, I'm preparing myself to face the ordeal - Part II now, as I need to convert the learners' license to a permanent one very soon! Someone give me the strength and patience to tolerate this, please!!!


Blogger Madhur Kashyap said...

Marathi, I remember similar kind of incidences in insti in Acad office. Sometimes when one is in hurry, can piss him off.

12:01 AM  

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